Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Hicks and his staff are professionals. They explained things every step of the way, were patient with my questions, and were never pushy or 'sales-y'. They made me comfortable and excited about making a commitment to take care of myself through regular chiropractic care -- I left feeling better (physically) and confident in my decision to choose More Life Chiropractic!!"

- Sean Q.

"Dr. Brenton is an amazing chiropractor! I've had the best experience being under his care. He does a thorough exam, he listens & acknowledges any and all my concerns, he makes me feel more comfortable and he does an awesome job of educating & explaining what he does and what's going on. He shows a lot of visuals such as x-rays which helps put everything together. He is very professional and friendly along with the other lovely staff members who always greet me when I walk in. Not only did he help me with my neck pain, but I no longer have headaches. I have more energy and I feel more loose. 5 stars!"

- Amber J.

"Dr. Brenton and his staff provide top-tier service. Not only are his receptionists personable and hospitable, but his passion for chiropractic care shines through in his thoroughness. After 6+ years of back pain, I can finally say that I have answers and a doctor that cares for my long-term well-being. Thank you More Life Chiropractic!"

- Peyton C.

"Dr. Brenton and his staff are very welcoming! I really felt at home when I entered the office. The way he explained what was wrong with me, and explained how he can help is what drew me in. He wasn't pushy at all, and that made a huge difference for me."

- Robert R.

"Dr. Hicks of More Life Chiropractics is wonderful. He and his team are the most welcoming people I have met. Dr. Hick is very patient and caring. He sits down to get to know you before He explains everything he is going to do to you. I love coming to More Life Chiropractic. I have gained energy, mobility, and the loss of pain overall."

- Gail Q.


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